About Me

Acharya Namita Parolia

Practicing multiple occult streams for over 10 years

Knowledge + Technology + Experiential research data = Accurate Predictions !

Acharya Namita holds a Master’s Degree in Vedic Astrology from AIFAS (All India Federation of Astrologers society) and is a certified member of IAF (International Astrology Federation Inc.) She spends significant amount of her time doing research, speaking at conventions and teaching Astrology to the interested students.

She practices Vedic Astrology, LalKitab, Numerology and Vastu principles and has a firm belief that all these sciences are connected at the core and one can only provide the best advice by bringing forth the trifecta knowledge of these occult streams together.

Over the years she has earned the distinction of being one of the few astrologers with global reach – She provides consultations not only to individuals but also to business houses.

Acharya Namita disapproves of the concept of “Fastfood- Astrology” that is practiced and promoted by various Astrology portals and online apps and believes that the science requires deep study & validations for best consultations and advice. She believes this science can only reach masses and help them, when we keep our guidance and remedies simple and short. With a very strong track record of repeat consultations and referrals across the globe, she believes in providing the right advice -the first time.

A Finance professional by education, she has worked over 17 years with various MNCs. Astrology, as she believes, is not only her passion but her true purpose in life as well.

About Cosmoracle

Cosmoracle was formed with the primary intention to promote the traditional occult Indian sciences of Astrology, Numerology and Vastu Shastra. Under its aegis, we teach, research and consult with seekers to find fruitful solutions to their problems through the divine science. Our passion, dedication and expertise in these sciences make us one of the most coveted institution in this field.

Our interpretation of seeker’s problems is accurate with time tested analysis of thousands of Kundalis and related validations. The issues that we face are clearly a result of the actual positioning of the stars and planets in our lives .Our endeavor at Cosmoracle is to decode these patterns and help the seekers with a thorough understanding of the situation and related remedial measures.

We believe that each person who is born on this planet is guided by certain cosmic powers and is solely responsible for his/her right or wrong decisions. As a result, we aim to critically understand those grey areas by evaluating horoscopes and kundlis and attempting to devise beneficial remedies.

Our happy set of clients are spread across the globe and are always willing to provide reference of their experience of dealing with us

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