Pyrite Tray


-Take few coins of different denominations, program those coins for regularity of funds flow and then place them on this tray, preferably in south west direction.

-You can program few crystals such as clear quartz, black tourmaline & red sulemani. Write your wish on piece of paper and keep them together on this tray for 21 days.

-To enhance healing, you can take a photograph of person to whom you want to heal and place it on this tray. Once placed, keep a small piece of selenite on the photograph. This can be done for self as well.

-For attracting abundance, Take a small piece of Golden pyrite chunk, program it and then place it on this tray – preferably in south west direction, or in your cashbox or locker.

-To remove fear and insecurity, fill a glass of water, program it for the purpose and place it overnight on this tray. This water can be consumed next day and step repeated everyday for 21 days.

– Besides the above this can be a beautiful addition to your home décor or could be used as gift for your near and dear ones.


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